Power trowel


This 36 inch concrete power trowel comes with combo blades for both floating and finishing operations.

Plate compactor

platecompactor 0

This walk behind vibratory plate compactor has a 20 inch by 24 inch compacting area.

PT 46 – power trowel


This Toro PT 46 concrete power trowel has a 46″ working width. It has pro pitch blade adjustment and is equipped with combo blades.

Floor saw


This Edco 18 inch walk behind floor saw is ideal for cutting asphalt and concrete.

Floor grinder


This Edco concrete floor grinder is ideal for leveling concrete or doing surface repairs. The diamond grinding blocks are rented separately.

Concrete saw


Use this Hilti DSH 700 hand held concrete saw to cut all types of concrete, brick, masonry, steel, and asphalt. The blade is rented separately.

Hilti concrete Saw

dch300 0

This Hilti DCH 300 concrete saw will cut to a depth of 4-3/4″ using a 12″ blade. The blade rotation guides the tool away from the operator’s body. Use this saw to cut reinforced concrete, granite curbstones, slabs, brick and masonry blocks, metal beams, steel pipes and reinforcing bars.

Concrete chainsaw

ics12 0

This ICS hand held concrete chainsaw has a 12 inch bar with a diamond cutting chain. This is a special application saw; please call for details!

Bull float

bullfloat 0

This bull float has a magnesium paddle and comes with four 6 foot handles.

Core drill


This electric concrete core drill can be rented with or without a stand. Bits are available from 1.5 inch up to 6 inches in diameter.


broom 0

This concrete broom provides a semi-rough surface finish.